On Kaepernick, other spoiled millionaires

I am not a veteran. I've known friends, cousins, and fellow workers who were. But the veterans I know the most are my dad, uncles and their buddies. They were first generation Polish immigrants.

My dad and two of his brothers were drafted into the Army during WWII. They were from a poor working neighborhood of Chicago. They were the basic and very expendable "army grunts." They served in the foxholes in Eastern Europe and the jungles of the Pacific. My dad, uncles and their friends would talk of their wartime experiences, some more than others. The hardships and horrors they had to endure, I will never forget. The foxhole was a great equalizer. Religion, race, nationality did not matter there; the only thing that mattered was you had your fellow soldier's back.

You could argue about your boss, politicians, government, police, military, presidents, etc., but you show respect to the flag and the national anthem. You stood at attention, took your hat off, and singing was optional. When they heard the Star Spangled Banner they did not see monuments, our forefathers or other symbols of government. They saw all the horrors of war and the faces of friends who died.

Not once did I ever here these veterans say they fought for the rights of individuals to burn the flag or sit/kneel during the national anthem. That is just media and political hype. They fought for family, a better life for future generations and for their foxhole partner.

So shame on you, all you spoiled multi millionaire Colin Kaepernick's of the world. Do something positive for your community and country. I can send you a positive list of things to do.

Rich Niemaszyk


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