Audit recommendations for College of DuPage

The state's auditor general, in a report issued Wednesday, made 19 recommendations for the College of DuPage. The college has agreed to all of the recommendations.

• The board should consider defining its policies and responsibilities of individual trustees.

• The board should consider adopting policies that establish standing committees for areas such as finance, budget or academic affairs.

• The board should ensure the college president is evaluated annually and that reviews are documented.

• The college should consider updating its administrative procedures manual to require the treasurer's advisory committee to meet regularly.

• The board should ensure required investment reports are provided to the board and also that the college's investments are reviewed at least annually by the board.

• The college should ensure budget transfer files clearly document the need for the transfer and include proper and timely approval by officials. The board also should consider receiving regular, more detailed reports of budget transfers.

• The college should establish a central repository for all its contracts.

• The college should update procedures involving procurements and contracts to reflect the process, including any electronic approvals, and ensure that policies and procedures are being followed. The board should approve all procurements over $25,000, or $50,000 for construction, as required by board policy.

• The board should update its policy and administrative procedures to clarify what checks are required to be reported to the board each month.

• The board should competitively procure all bond advisory services or document why the services were exempt from competitive procurement.

• The board should consider establishing a facilities/construction committee and including monthly reports of the status of individual projects to the board.

• The board should obtain ICCB approval for applicable projects prior to beginning construction.

• The board should follow procedures established in the College Administrative Procedures Manual for procurements that require a high degree of skill. The college also should consider establishing a contractor evaluation process.

• The board should consider establishing by written policy the types of procurements that could be classified as professional services that require a high degree of skill and may be exempt from bidding.

• The college should consider establishing a system that pre-qualifies potential contractors and vendors according to work type and size of project.

• The college should document the bidding process and ensure bids are publicly opened by a member or employee of the board. The board also should approve all final construction contracts and amounts prior to work beginning.

• The college should ensure all contracts are signed and executed prior to beginning work on the project.

• The board should comply with the Open Meetings Act in all final actions related to employment contracts.

• The board should maintain documentation of all presidential employment correspondence between the president and the board.

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