Kane County's top bonus recipients

Kane County Board members have ongoing questions about the justifications and processes some department heads have for distributing employee bonuses the past four years

Top 5 state's attorney bonus recipients 2012-20151. Jody P. Gleason, first assistant state's attorney, $30,500 (largest bonus $9,000)

2. Joseph F. Lulves, assistant state's attorney, $29,000 (largest bonus $8,500)

3. Michele L. Niermann, assistant state's attorney, $28,750 (largest bonus $8,750)

4. William G. Engerman, assistant state's attorney, $27,250 (largest bonus $8,500)

5. Debra L. Bree, assistant state's attorney, $25,500 (largest bonus $7,500)

Top 5 public defender bonus recipients 2012-15*1. Brenda Willett, first assistant public defender, $5,100 (largest bonus $1,800)

*2. Rachele A. Conant, assistant public defender, $5,100 (largest bonus $1,800)

*3. Julia Yetter, assistant public defender, $5,100 (largest bonus $1,800)

*4. Eun K. Yoon, assistant public defender, $5,100 (largest bonus $1,800)

*5. Brenda V. Covey, assistant public defender, $5,100 (largest bonus $1,800)

* There were 32 public defender employees who received $5,100 in total bonus payouts from 2012 to 2015. Recipients were ranked by their total compensation during that period.

Top 5 judiciary & courts bonus recipients 2012-151. Douglas J. Naughton, court administrator, $11,201 (largest bonus $4,510)

2. Andrea O'Brien, deputy court administrator, $6,858 (largest bonus $2,739)

3. Barbara J. Biddle, case flow manager, $5,264 (largest bonus $2,039)

4. Mari M. Moore, jury commission clerk, $4,970 (largest bonus $2,366)

5. Diane L. Lilly, paralegal, $4,901 (largest bonus $2,366)

Top 5 court services bonus recipients 2012-151. Lisa Aust, executive director, $4,450 (largest bonus $3,550)

2. Alexandra A. Tsang, diagnostic center director, $4,262 (largest bonus $3,362)

3. Jeffery R. Jefko, director of field services, $3,768 (largest bonus $2,868)

4. Mary Smith, director of special programs, $3,607 (largest bonus $2,707)

5. Rick E. Anselme, juvenile justice center superintendent, $3,588 (largest bonus $2,688)

Source: Kane County Finance Department

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