Time for change in state legislature

I've lived in Illinois for the past 45 years and the state has been a disaster insofar as a budget is concerned.

It seems to me that it makes no big difference who we have as governor as long as the current Speaker of the House and Senate President are in office. Our current governor is attempting to put the state back on course but cannot buck the present, and past for 30 some years legislature.

The state is losing residents, credit ratings, and is becoming a laughing stock of the nation. The governor didn't cause this situation, the legislature did!

I'm ashamed to admit I'm a resident of this state because of the financial and governmental situation we find ourselves in at this point in time. Let's quit finger pointing and elect legislative leaders who really care about the state and not themselves. Thirty years in office is too long and office holders gain too much control.

Wake up people and let's make some changes!

Richard Duckworth


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