Withholding critical info from his client

The primary is just around the corner: choices, choices, choices! Hopefully, informed choices.

Let me help you become informed on at least one important race: the one between Michelle Moore and Tim Elliott for the DuPage County Board, District 4. I first met Mr. Elliott when he was introduced as the new College of DuPage Board Counsel on April 30th, 2015.

Just a few weeks before this appointment by the Clean Slate trustees, he was busy representing clients who were suing the college. I questioned his ability to address the concerns of the "whole board", three of whom still remained.

Long story short, three months later I filed FOIA requests, followed by client request letters in order to receive the legal and financial information I needed to perform my due diligence as a board member. What I received weeks later was woefully incomplete.

In December, I was threatened with arrest when I insisted on leaving with 4 months worth of copies of legal invoices … over 500 pages … to carefully review. And, now, I have requested legal invoices for December, 2015 and January, 2016 and what do I have? Nothing. At the March 3rd COD Board of Trustees meeting, Attorney Elliott indicated that he had submitted his December invoices just that afternoon. On March 4th, I called the president to check on those legal bills and was told they were "pulled back" because they might not be right. I called on March 7th … no, not available yet. Called again on March 8th … no, not available yet, so I followed up with an emailed request to Mr. Elliott, asking for the invoice totals. No response yet. Is this the sort of person you want representing you on the county board? Someone who withholds critical information from his client? I certainly wouldn't.

Dianne McGuire


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