Lemon pumpkin cake a fresh alternative to holiday desserts

Do you have room on the Thanksgiving dessert table for one more easy and impressive dessert? Then today's super-simple Lemon Pumpkin Cake is sure to please you and your guests.

The recipe uses a box mix, so it's practically foolproof. And don't let the layers scare you. Just bake the cake in a sheet pan and, after cooling, slice it in half and layer it. Once you slather the dessert with your homemade Butter Cream Frosting, you're going to love the square layer cake that results.

The fresh flavors of lemon and pumpkin are decidedly bright. It's the perfect counterpoint to the typically heavier desserts at Thanksgiving. Even though I'm mostly a pie girl, I can't help but add a slice of Lemon Pumpkin Cake to my dessert plate.

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Lemon Pumpkin Cake