Unsafe bicycling 'pied piper' needs a lesson

My wife and I were driving north down Dryden Street on our weekly shopping trip. We came to a stop at the Olive Street stop sign. A squadron of bicyclists came pedaling down Olive. From experience, I did not begin to cross Olive, but hesitated.

Sure enough, the squadron leader, without a glance left or right pedaled through the stop sign and turned left onto Dryden.

The tragedy here is the leader was a dad followed by his gaggle of kids and wife - all rolling along in his wake without a thought.

He was teaching his kids that stop signs are just so much street furniture. This pied piper implanted a disregard for road rules that may, some day, kill one or two of them.

Hopefully, someday a police officer will curb this lethal pied piper, and his family can watch him get a ticket. Now there's a lesson his kids will never forget.

Gerry Souter

Arlington Heights

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