Hazmat crews remove chemical mixture at Lincolnshire Marriott

A Lincolnshire Marriott employee accidentally mixed two chemicals at the resort's indoor pool early Thursday night, prompting hazardous materials crews to evacuate and ventilate the area, authorities said.

The employee was supposed to pour muriatic acid into a large drum of water but instead, poured it in another drum containing a chemical similar to bleach, Lincolnshire Riverwoods Fire Battalion Chief Duane Christensen said.

Realizing the mistake, the employee quickly shut and locked a door leading into the hotel's first floor and opened a second door to let the gas vent outside, Christensen said.

The employee got a whiff of the chemical reaction and was treated at the resort by paramedics as a precaution after he began coughing.

The mixture could have caused difficulty breathing for hotel guests if the employee hadn't secured the area, said Christensen, crediting his "prompt actions." No other symptoms or injuries were reported.

Hazmat crews were called to the resort, southeast of Route 45 and West Half Day Road, about 5:30 p.m. Firefighters also ventilated the pool's supply room and evacuated a few rooms nearby.

Crews removed the container of chemicals to a safe location in the parking lot, where police and Marriott security cordoned it off, Christensen said. A cleanup company also was expected to arrive Thursday night to the Marriott to properly dispose of the container.

The resort's general manager did not immediately return a message for comment.

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