Axley urges GOP to vote for Lietzow

For over 45 years, the Regular Republican Organization in Elk Grove Township was an open and effective working group, committed to serving the voter, the Republican office holder and candidate.

To become a member, you were obligated minimal dues. To become a precinct captain, you need only commit to work. Social conservative, fiscal conservative, moderate, whatever - all were welcome. Revitalization of the party was ongoing, continual and broad.

Several years ago, through no fault of the rank and file, and through an admitted mistake, the organization fell into the hands of a small group of insiders, who seemingly have abandoned previous winning big tent policies and grass root actions.

As a result, the local party has ostensibly shrunk into a lazy breakfast club - activity is virtually nonexistent. Republicans have lost seats.

Several weeks ago, at the prodding of my daughter, I met a former Prospect High School friend of hers for coffee - candidate for committeeman Scott Lietzow, of Arlington Heights.

Scott immediately impressed me as a very committed, smart and energetic young man. He espoused numerous ideas on how to effectively renew the local organization.

He knows the community, knows the party and its challenges, and has plans which I am confident will lead to a more inclusive organization that we can be proud of again.

He is a former U.S. Marine, and an organizer, and that won't hurt either. He will work to renew and broaden the local party, and has earned my support.

Republicans have a choice: We can inject some energy and ideas into the party, or we can sit back and watch its continual death spiral into complete irrelevance.

Join me. Take a few extra seconds and vote for Republican Committeeman - Scott Lietzow.

Cheryl Axley

Mount Prospect

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