Time to shake up the township GOP

As a longtime resident of Elk Grove Township, I'd like to express my concern with the Republican party, or more precisely, the absence of it. It's there in name, but certainly not in spirit.

I sat the other morning at a party breakfast anticipating hearing candidates inspire the group toward grass roots activism to unify and strengthen.

Instead, I heard more of the same ... the painful reinforcement of living under the cloak of an inept and corrupt Democratic Party forcing businesses and families from this once proud state.

Here we were, the same group of people enjoying a hearty breakfast finding solace in similar feathered birds ... always leaving quietly, uninspired to change the status quo. Unfortunately, the most action-oriented words uttered that morning were "Food is served." What can we do about it?

It starts with grass roots activism. Local political officials need to embrace, educate and inspire the young voters who've now recognized the broken and broke state they've inherited.

It starts with a solid plan of action to recruit those with values, youthful energy and drive to shake things up and make a difference.

To gratefully accept and guide the efforts of tireless volunteers, not alienate them. To embrace the energy and passion of young candidates like Scott Lietzow, who are willing to mobilize other young voters on a platform of personal and fiscal responsibility and liberty.

Enjoy the next breakfast, I'll be knocking on doors for Scott Lietzow.

Michael Dill

Elk Grove Village

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