Cutler not worth the big bucks

I believe the Chicago Bears are still undecided about Jay Cutler's future with the team.

They have to consider the terms, years, and who gives them the best chance to win. The bottom line is there were some very good things and some very ugly things with Cutler's performance against the Cleveland Browns in Sunday's victory.

However, I saw nothing from Cutler that says he deserves a long-term deal, which leads me to believe that a franchise tag may be in the works.

With the win, Bears head coach Marc Trestman and Cutler came out smelling like a wilted rose. Let's not forget they beat lowly Cleveland (4-10), and let's also not forget that Cutler brought them back, but had to do so because of his own play.

Cutler threw three touchdowns, but he also had two interceptions including a pick six.

I didn't see enough to tell me he is better than Josh McCown. I would still sign Cutler and then trade him for draft picks to get a quarterback. They could keep McCown for three years, and two of those he would be the starter.

The Bears have some really good talent around the quarterback with wide receivers Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery. Any decision made about the quarterback is critical and determines how the next five years will develop for the team.

And it could make or break them and Trestman's future.

I'll give Cutler credit — he brought them back, and if the Bears had lost I'd be all over them, so for now I would say a slight advantage to Cutler.

I'll also give Trestman credit for winning the game and taking a huge gamble. Sitting the NFC offensive player of the week, Josh McCown, was unprecedented, but the Bears still won the game.

Remember, McCown has had 1 interception all year while Cutler had two Sunday and 10 for the season.

If the Bears win out, and make the playoffs, Cutler will get a nice deal. If they don't win out and don't make the playoffs, I still don't know what they will do, and they probably don't either.

Congrats to the Bears for now — it's a W. And congrats to the defense and cornerback Zach Bowman, who took it back to the house.

Congrats as well to the riverboat gambler, Marc Trestman. The coach could have taken the easy way out and played McCown. I believe, as most of you should, that “big game Josh” would have won the game too.

But right now it is Cutler's job to lose, and it's always nice when the bosses are in your corner.

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