Deer crashes through Sugar Grove home, owner retaliates with golf club

Keith Mohr was in the shower last Friday morning when he heard a loud crash and his wife screaming that a deer was running through their townhouse near Sugar Grove.

“He did a lot of damage ... a lot of damage,” said Mohr, 71. “I just chased him around for probably 10 minutes. It looked like a (Charles) Manson murder — blood everywhere.”

Mohr, who lives in the 0-99 block of Hillcrest Drive in the Prestbury subdivision between Sugar Grove and Aurora, said he eventually grabbed his a golf club and struck the deer, knocking off an antler and breaking the club in the process.

“I do have a trophy, for whatever that's worth,” he said.

Mohr speculated that the 6-point buck was sleeping in the bushes when it was spooked by a landscaping crew collecting leaves from around homes.

The deer crashed through a first-floor bedroom window, ran down a hallway, and tried to get on the kitchen counter to get out through the kitchen window, Mohr said.

He opened the garage door to give the buck an escape route, but it didn't exit there. It kept running around, bleeding on the carpet, destroying furniture, punching holes in walls and pawing at closed windows to escape.

Finally, Mohr opened a living room window and the deer ran through the opening, a curtain still hanging from his other antler as it galloped away.

Mohr and his wife were not injured, and they haven't heard from authorities if a deer carcass was recovered from nearby.

“I can guarantee you he didn't get far. I don't think he's going to recover from his wounds. He lost a lot of blood,” Mohr said.

Since the incident, which occurred at about 8:45 a.m., Mohr has contacted his insurance company, which has sent out a disaster restoration crew to rip out the bloodstained carpeting and sanitize other carpet areas.

“Everything's gone, right down to the bare floors,” he said.

Mohr's version of events was corroborated in a sheriff's report.

“The deer ran into his house and essentially destroyed everything in its path,” it said.

Mohr's neighborhood is between the Bliss Woods and Aurora West County forest preserves and deer sightings are common.

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