At 34, ‘Big Game’ Josh right at home with Bears

The Bears won a huge game in overtime Sunday against the Baltimore Ravens on one of the most bizarre days in team history.

With the game delayed by brutal rain and winds, the victory came with Robbie Gould hitting a “hold your breath” field goal.

But the big story was quarterback Josh McCown, who seems to fit comfortably in coach Marc Trestman’s offense.

The QB’s leadership was evident as he rooted on the defense — bellowing on the sideline a la Jim McMahon back in the day.

I thought both teams played hard and as well as could be expected considering the weather.

“Big Game” Josh went 19 of 31 and threw a touchdown pass. More important, this poor man’s Alex Smith didn’t turn over the ball.

McCown is not a gunslinger, but he did well securing the ball given the really difficult playing conditions.

The special teams and defense also came through in this satisfying victory.

If there were an award for the best backup quarterback, McCown would win it hands down.

Look, the guy has played on five different teams with five different coordinators — and maybe this 34-year-old quarterback finally has found a home.

The way the NFL appears to be headed, the safer they try to make the game the more quarterbacks seem to be getting hurt.

Every team needs a secure guy, and the Bears actually have one in Josh McCown.

Best-case scenario is that he’s a pretty good quarterback — worst case, he is serviceable.

Bears fans always have had a strong affection for the backup quarterback, largely because the starters usually were not that good — except, of course, for McMahon.

The backups offered hope — guys such as Moses Moreno, Jonathan Quinn, Steve Stenstrom, Virgil Carter and Larry Rakestraw — but fans, including me, only liked them until they played.

But McCown has quickly made fans feel comfortable with his play because he has it between the ears. Trestman does not seem too worried that Jay Cutler is out for a while longer.

Remember when McMahon would get hurt and the whole city would get down?

When Cutler went down, I’m sure you felt bad, but I didn’t sense the panic because of the faith in the backup.

So here’s to “Big Game” Josh McCown, a guy who after many travels might have found himself a home.

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