After tedious trip, giant magnet reaches Fermilab

It's 50 feet wide, weighs more than 15 tons and took a month to transport 3,200 miles from New York to Illinois.

A gigantic electromagnet ended its tedious journey early Friday at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, where it will be used to study blazing-fast particles.

But getting the Mugon g-2 superconducting electromagnet massive gadget to the lab wasn't so fast.

From a federal laboratory in New York, it floated down the East Coast into the Gulf, then up river to Illinois, but couldn't twist more than an eighth of an inch without being permanently damaged.

The trip involved outrunning tropical weather in the Gulf of Mexico, then road blocks as it traveled on a specially made flatbed truck at speeds of only between 5 and 15 mph.

Fermilab's giant magnet headed near Glen Ellyn today

Emmalee Luckas/eluckas@dailyherald.comThe Mugon g-2 superconducting electromagnet ends its journey Friday, July 26 at Fermilab with a large crowd celebrating its arrival. Many people watched the electromagnet drive up to Wilson Hall from the fifteenth floor.
The electromagnet moves down Interstate 88 in Naperville, Ill., Friday. Associated Press