Patrick O'Shea: Candidate Profile

18th Circuit (Thompson vacancy) (Republican)

Note: Answers provided have not been edited for grammar, misspellings or typos. In some instances, candidate claims that could not be immediately verified have been omitted. Jump to:BioKey IssuesQA Bio City: LombardWebsite: http://www.PatrickJOshea.comOffice sought: 18th Circuit (Thompson vacancy)Age: 61Family: Married 6 children, 4 girls, 2 boys. My oldest son Brian is a veteran of the Gulf War. My wife Trishia is a degreed registered nurse (RN) and has practiced at Shrinner's Hospital for Children as well as other hospitals.Occupation: I am an attorney with practice concentrating in criminal and civil trials and appeals. I am also licensed by the United State Patent Trademark office to practice as a licensed patent attorney since 1982.Education: University of Illionois: Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering, 1972; Graduated John Marshall Law School with Honors in the National Mock Trial,1979; Admitted to the Federal District Court (Northern Central); U.S. Patent Trademark Office1982Civic involvement: Former member Elks Club, Rotary Club, Fundraiser for Lyons Club, Lombard Firbirds Soccer Club, York Township Republican Committeeman Chairman.Elected offices held: DuPage County Board Member 1990-present; Former Chairman York Township Republican Committeeman's Organization, elected precinct committeman since 1982Have you ever been arrested for or convicted of a crime? If yes, please explain: NoCandidate's Key Issues Key Issue 1 Experience.I was always tought that a judge should know more about the law than the parties that appear before him.I believe that no person should take the bench that has not tried at least 50 cases.How can anyone who has not tried cases be assigned to a trial courtroom?This happens all the time under the current system.Key Issue 2 Common sense and integrity.I believe that a judge should not place himself above the law, but rather through experience and common sense listen carefully to the people who appear before him. Through common sense and the application of law a judge should provide justice to those who appear before him.Key Issue 3 Judicial temperment.A good judge is a good listener, and does so without becoming excited or interjecting his own thoughts into the case.A good judge must remain calm and be respectful to everyone who appears before him, whether it is a traffic ticket or multi-million dollar case.Questions Answers Do you favor the appointment of judges or do you prefer the election process' Please explain your answer.I believe in merit selection.Before a person becomes a judge he/she must have years of experience in the court room, both in civil and criminal cases.A judicial candidate should also have been in private practice for a number of years.However, I believe that eventually anyone who is appointed a judge on a merit basis should eventually allow the public to review his record so that he may become elected by the people.What special qualifications or experiences make you the best person to serve as a judge?I have tried over 200 cases, both civil and criminal.I have practiced in federal courts throughout the United States, including practice before the United States Supreme Court.I have written many appeals and have been both a special assistant State's Attorney and an Appellate Prosecutor.My experience, temperment, common sense and integrity will be of great aid to me on the bench.What are your thoughts on mandatory sentencing? Do you believe judges should have greater leeway when it comes to sentencing defendants' Why or why not?With reguards to certain heinous crimes, mandatory sentencing is appropripriate.However with reguards to a number of situations, the trial judge should have discretion in sentencing a perosn.The judge must take into consideration the nature of the crime, the age of the person, and the criminal record of the defendant.What are your thoughts on the use of drug courts, domestic violence courts, veterans courts, mental health courts and prostitution courts' Have they been effective?My County Board record is clear, I have been an advocate on the county board for all of these courts over a number of years.I have been an sdvocate for drug court, mental health, and veterans courts most rescently.I believe that we can stop the reoccurance of crime through effective intervention with regard to persons who have definate disibilities andespecially for veterans with Post Tramatic Stress disorder(P.T.S.D.).Do you support eliminating the ban on cameras and recording devices in Illinois courtrooms' Why or why not?I favor removing the ban on camera phones in the courthouse.However, I do not believe that cameras or recording devices should be used in a courtroom unless the judge in that courtroom allows the use of those devices.To randomly allow the use of recording devices and cameras in the courtroom would create a circus like atmosphere, which would detract from the administration of justice to those persons who appear before the court.