Barrington Hills needs a dose of ‘common sense’

We have resided in Barrington Hills since 1977. The equestrian community has been very important to us and was one of the main reasons we moved to Barrington Hills. We have accommodated the equestrian community by agreeing to keep open a riding path on our western property line when we purchased the property in 1975; and we had horses on our 10 acres even before we moved into our home.

We are very concerned about recent proposals which would affect our community such as the lighting ordinance, which has now created two classes of residents; the loss of hundreds of acres of prime land and the commercial boarding ordinance supported by the village president and his “Save 5 Acres” candidates.

Why should the president and board of trustees allow unlimited commercial boarding businesses on R-1 properties throughout our village? There are a number of large tracts of land in and around Barrington Hills where these businesses could operate. We don’t need to change the makeup of our neighborhoods by allowing unlimited commercial boarding businesses on 5-acre lots.

We, as residents of Barrington Hills, must stop this now.

The upcoming April 5 election is important to all of us. It’s now time to “Restore Common Sense” to our local government and protect our community. We must all get involved in government now through the process of selecting leaders who are honest, trustworthy, accountable and financially responsible.

We can no longer continue to listen to the mumbo-jumbo we are receiving from our current local leaders.

We are voting for the Restore Common Sense 2011 candidates Harold (Skip) Gianopulos, Diane (Dede) Wamberg, Steve D’Amore and Beth Mallen. They have proved to us, and many other longtime residents, that they are the candidates who can restore integrity to our village.

Please join us in voting for these outstanding candidates.

Pat and Bill Kennedy

Barrington Hills