Duchossois daughter honored for cancer philanthropy

The Society of Surgical Oncology awarded Kim Duchossois its 43rd annual James Ewing Layman's Award at a ceremony in San Antonio, Texas, Saturday.

The group honored the Barrington Hills woman and daughter of Arlington Park Chairman Dick Duchossois for her efforts to improve the quality of care for cancer patients. Past winners include the likes of columnist Ann Landers, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf, golfer Arnold Palmer and even Kim's father in 2000.

The Duchossois family has been philanthropically involved with cancer care for years following the death of Kim Duchossois' mother Beverly in 1980.

“On behalf of the Duchossois family, it is overwhelmingly humbling to receive such distinguished recognition for the absolute privilege to work on behalf of cancer patients and families as they move through their challenging journeys,” Kim Duchossois said.

Part of the work Kim Duchossois has done is to help newly diagnosed patients understand their options and gain access to the best possible care. In 2003, the Duchossois family made the first of two gifts to create and endow the American Cancer Society Patient Navigation Services. It was initially only available in Chicago, but has now been established throughout the country, society officials said.

Kim Duchossois leads the Duchossois Family Foundation as well, which funds cancer research as well.

“They have helped inspire and inform a nationwide effort to connect all cancer patients with the comprehensive services they need,” said Dr. Mitchell Posner, president of the society.