Selvam: Will 'Mr. Sunshine' shed some light on Sears Centre?

Hoffman Estates Trustee Gary Pilafas smiled on Monday as Sears Centre General Manager Ben Gibbs updated the board on the arena's monthly financial report.

Pilafas waited and then let loose a peculiar name for Gibbs, calling him “Mr. Sunshine.”

Now Gibbs has held a sunny disposition since he and Global Spectrum late in 2009 took over operation of the Sears Centre. The arena is moving in the right direction and outperforming projections.

But why did Gibbs earn the nickname? It has to do with Matthew Perry.

Perry, the former co-star of 1990s television sitcom “Friends,” is starring in a new television show called “Mr. Sunshine.” Perry plays the sports arena manager for a facility in San Diego, the fictional “Sunshine Center.” Hence the show's title.

The show debuts on 8:30 p.m. Feb. 9 on ABC 7 (there's a plug for The Daily Herald's television news partner).

Gibbs shrugged off the reference by Pilafas on Monday. Only time will tell if art imitates life. Time to fire up the DVR.