Print better opposing views

I had to read the Sept. 14 Fence Post letter by Helen Clark of Algonquin three times before I could make any sense at all of her assertion that the "foreigners" living here are "making waves." First, she falsely implies that foreigners living outside our country and burning American flags are somehow representative of immigrants living in the U.S. legally. Then she tries to blame that same group for trying to take prayer out of the public schools.

The debate over prayer in the public schools is an issue that is and has been debated by citizens of good will on both the left and the right. You ran a front-page article about Libertarian and atheist Rob Sherman's latest efforts to force candidates off the ballot. If my memory serves, Sherman also has been involved in the prayer in schools debate, and he's no foreigner.

As best I can tell, Ms. Clark is upset that our government allows people "to come into our cities and suburbs and continue living like they would if they were in their own countries." How sad that she displays so little understanding of what our country and constitution are all about. But, even sadder, is the fact that you would publish a rebuttal to Mathew Miller's straightforward assertion of religious freedom guaranteed by our constitution in Fence Post.

If you must "balance" your letters and responses, can't you find letters that make a reasonable argument rather than the nonsense Ms. Clark subjects your readers to?

Richard Keslinke