McCain simply was not acceptable

The losers of this election just can't seem to accept the fact that the people have voted and John McCain was not acceptable.

The people didn't want another four years of the present administration.

This country is in such a sad condition, and it will get worse before it starts getting better.

The present administration had been warned several times by several of the people in power about the drastic situation we were in, but President Bush wouldn't listen to anyone, not even his own father.

We are as close to the 1929 Depression as we could get. The only thing is our unemployment rate is still in the single digit, but it is climbing. The other thing is that this time the banks are insured where they weren't in 1929.

Another factor was who McCain picked as his running mate. Sarah Palin was a loser from the beginning.

He picked a woman because he thought he would get all of Hillary Clinton's votes, but it backfired and it is a lesson learned that when you do something for spite, you will cut off your nose.

I pray for our President-elect every day now so he will have the strength to carry on the heavy load that he is inheriting.

Elaine Kalcsics

Des Plaines

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