Why deface property for political reasons?

In the recent presidential election, my husband and I were McCain-Palin supporters so, we displayed a McCain-Palin sign in our front lawn.

We awoke one morning about two weeks prior to the election to find our sign had been stolen.

We just contacted our local Republican office and requested a new one.

The election is now over and we have accepted the fact that we will have a Democratic president. We harbor no ill feelings or animosity.

Unfortunately someone does. Upon returning home on Saturday afternoon, we found that someone had spray-painted in red paint two-foot-high letters "7 TRILLION. "

Upon speaking to a neighbor, we were told that another neighbor who displayed a McCain-Palin sign also had this same thing spray painted on his driveway.

Apparently this represents the cost of the war against terror.

In today's society, it is a shame that people have to display their opposition to things they are against by destroying private property.

One hopes that we are all civilized enough to accept things that we may not like and not to express our private anger with destroying or defacing another's private property.

Beverly Plowright


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