Where will Obama opponents go now?

Now that the election is over and America has spoken, what is going to happen to all those people who cannot live in America with Barack Obama as president?

I speak specifically to the man at the John McCain rally who screamed, "I'm scared, I'm really scared." Has he said where he is going now?

And the large lady in the red dress who announced that, "He's an Arab." (Sen. McCain did rebuke this person, although possibly for the wrong reason.) What country will she be leaving for?

About two years ago, I was thinking of an idea to make money as well as share my feelings about America's political situation.

I came up with an idea of a rear license plate bracket. It would be designed to say across the top, "America." Across the bottom, "We can do better." And placed on the left side a figure with our American eagle, a tear sliding down its cheek.

But upon review of the events from Nov. 4, I don't think we need it.

Ed Moon


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