These special spas ease weary road warriors

Talk about serious water pressure.

I was preparing for a much-needed massage at the Aquae Sulis in the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort & Spa at Summerlin where I indulged in one shower I will never forget.

Stepping inside the massive stall, I discovered the water equivalent of a deep-tissue massage for my neck, back and shoulders -- all those places where I carry the most tension. Called the Waterfall Shower, this rush of warm, cascading water was full on, washing away a good amount of stress in a matter of seconds.


That very memorable shower is the last step of what this progressive spa dubs The Ritual, a circuit of self-monitored treatments that take place before partaking of your appointed, hands-on spa selection -- essentially giving you two treatments in one.

The so-called Ritual part starts in either the men's or women's locker rooms with a plunge (either hot or cold), followed by a soak in a special warm float pool and then on to a calming bout in a picturesque outdoor hydrotherapy pool.

I was told by the Aquar Sulis spa manager Nichole Pfeifer that the latter step was inspired by ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman civilizations, who used hydrotherapy not only to ease pain but also to treat disease.

She explained, "The soothing warmth and buoyancy of warm water makes it a safe, ideal environment for gentle exercise to offer relief and relaxation to the body."

Next came a stint with some steam and then a sauna before moving on to the aforementioned Waterfall Shower. Ahhhhh. Now if only I could rig one of these wonderful waterworks for my personal use back home.

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Meanwhile, on the Strip area of this Nevada desert playground at the celebrated Ceasars Palace, their Qua Baths & Spa offers some intriguing, if offbeat (read: alternative) treatments on an innovative spa menu.

For instance, the Qua Dream Interpretation Journey is under the auspices of a trained dream coach who helps you understand your dreams through traditional Jungian archetypes and counseling.

Meanwhile, the spa treatment known as Hypnosis for Wellness allows access to a certified master hypnotist. This qualified person works with you on self-improvement techniques for everything from pain and weight management to stress reduction and smoking cessation.

Then there's my favorite at the Qua Spa: The Vino Veritas, a special facial, scalp and body treatment employing antioxidant-rich Chardonnay grape seeds. And, to that I say, pun definitely intended, "Bottoms up!"

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Finally, in The Netherlands, you need not worry if you are suddenly stuck in a slowdown at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. That's because this well-equipped flight base recently installed a new XpresSpa on level 2, the first of its kind in Europe.

At the new airport digs you'll find all sorts of spa services (such as seaweed facials and anti-stress and tension messages), each sure to help you cope with the agony of yet another inevitable delay on the road.

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