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Van Metre’s Pembroke model, a spec home; some builders have increased their production of “speculative” or “spec” houses, which are fully or partially built without a purchase contract in place. Still, that’s not the case with others — the strategy around spec houses varies according to market conditions and builder preferences.
Why spec houses are making a return
In different market cycles, spec homes -- which are sometimes labeled "immediate delivery," "move-in ready" or "immediate occupancy" houses -- can be a burden on builders if they languish on the market. When builders are eager to sell a spec house, buyers occasionally get a bargain. But in today's hot housing market, this is rarely the case, with most houses selling fast.
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About a dozen states and territories and hundreds of local governments prohibit e-cigarettes everywhere traditional smoking is banned.
No, the boss' e-cigarette vapor is not 'just steam'
Airline credit cards and premium travel credit cards typically charge annual fees, but you can offset that cost if the card offers free checked bags or travel credits.
Ways to tap your credit card's perks for spring break savings
If you want money advice you can trust, your best bet is to hire a fee-only financial planner. The trick is finding a planner who’s willing to be hired for a reasonable fee.
How to find 'advice-only' financial advisers
Selim Bassoul, CEO at Middleby in Elgin is surrounded by some of the ovens that he is sending to Haiti and Puerto Rico.
Business Ledger Middleby CEO heats up relief effort with ovens
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