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A rendering shows plans for Uptown 500, a development with 321 apartments and 10,500 square feet of commercial space at the intersection of Dundee Road and Northgate Crossing in Wheeling.
Construction of Uptown 500 development in Wheeling could begin this summer
The village will contribute nearly $7 million to help build the $90 million apartment building with commercial space along Dundee Road.
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Roman Korol takes a bite of a hamburger he purchased Friday from Rogue Curbside Kitchen at Lincolnshire’s Food Truck Fridays event.
Food trucks gather in Lincolnshire for summertime dining
Kim Berger of Naperville selects bread from the bakery section of Naperville’s new Aldi store.
Aldi opens in south Naperville with bakery, new products
Two men, who met five years ago when their sons played on the same baseball team, are buying Homerun Sports and Fitness in Lake Zurich.
Baseball training facility in Lake Zurich sold, upgrade planned
Ben Harris
Business Ledger Harris joins Conor as senior development manager
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