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Renata Medina of Hillside works out with a kettlebells at L.I.F.T. Academy inside Stratford Square mall.
Why fitness, self-care businesses are thriving in suburban malls
Places to get fit or get pampered are making their way into suburban shopping malls as part of a trend that' seeing self-care and experiential businesses alongside traditional retail outlets.
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Harter Investment Strategies, a private equity firm, said it has majority ownership investment in Chicago-based Ipsento Coffee.
Naperville equity firm buys coffee business
COURTESY OF PORTILLO’S The Arizona Diamondbacks have added Portillo’s to the dining options at Chase Field.
Portillo's joining menu at Chase Field in Arizona
3S140 Barkley Ave. in Warrenville was recently sold and will be occupied for a school for children with special needs.
Two Warrenville offices sold
Alison Gutterman is the third generation CEO of family-owned Jelmar LLC in Skokie, which manufactures CLR and Tarn-X cleaning products and has a long history of marketing success in the area.
Business Ledger Jelmar finds its success story "As seen on TV"
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