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A developer working with the city of Naperville to plan new development along 5th Avenue near the Metra station could seek permission next month to begin designs of what could be built on 13 acres of city-owned property. The process excites some leaders and residents, while it concerns others.
Naperville anxious about next steps in 5th Avenue redevelopment
While Naperville works with a builder toward redevelopment along 5th Avenue, some residents are concerned about the process, while others are excited for it to move forward.
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There were 450 solar panels installed earlier this year on the roof of World Bioproducts LLC building in Libertyville. Depending on the day, solar energy can power all operations.
With incentives, solar energy's good for environment, business in Lake County
A new study has revealed a disturbing trend: More employees are testing positive for drugs in their system.
Drugs in the workplace are at their highest levels in a decade
Raging Buffalo Snowboard Park in Algonquin will expand its hill and get a new lodge. It might also eventually be open year-round.
Raging Buffalo snowboard park expanding, getting new lodge
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Business Ledger Harris joins Conor as senior development manager
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