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Apple Music works far more easily on HomePod than other music streamers. That both incentivizes people to buy HomePod and, maybe more importantly, gives consumers who have HomePod reason to sign up for the service.
Does Apple Music finally have the muscle to knock off Spotify?
Apple is turning up the volume on Apple Music, the streaming subscription that comes loaded on its devices, including the new HomePod smart speaker. And that could mute the potential of Spotify.
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Apple’s new HomePod offers a big sound, but doesn’t have the brains to match.
Review: 5 things to know before you buy an Apple HomePod
When the HomePod hears “Hey Siri,” a swirling icon appears on a screen built into the speaker.
Review: Siri just got less intelligent on the HomePod
Eric Lundgren atop a pile of 48,000 “restore CDs” he purchased recently for less than five cents apiece. He faces prison for seeking to distribute similar CDs to computer refurbishers.
Prison for 'e-waste' recycling innovator trying to extend life of PCs?
Gen Z-ers have an abundance of digital and social insights to offer their future employers, but they’re also socially conscious and do care about face-to-face interactions, experts say.
Business Ledger 10 ways to get ready for Gen Z in the workplace
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