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updated: 3/4/2013 10:25 AM

Four New Recipients of the Dago, Kenya Scholarship Fund

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  • Each of the four Dago, Kenya children who have received this scholarship this year.

    Each of the four Dago, Kenya children who have received this scholarship this year.
    Brett Weiss

Brett Weiss

The Bernard and Elsie Weiss Dago, Kenya Scholarship Fund is proud to announce the four new recipients of this award. They are Nicholus Okoth, Vincent Okech, Vivian Awuor and Lencer Awino. They are now getting ready to begin their four year high school career thanks to the many people who have donated to this fund. Many of the donors are from the Bartlett area.

In addition, Nicholus' award carries the special distinction of being the "Father Louis Querbes Scholarship" thanks to the Viatorians, St. Viator High School and Father Corey Brost.

Nicholus will be attending St. Pius Uriri High School while Vincent will be attending the Koderobara Secondary School. Vivian and Lencer will both be attending St. Mary Gorrety's Dede Girls Secondary School.

These students join the first two recipients of this award, Roy Omondi (Agoro Sare High School) and Iscah Aoko (Oyugi Ogango Girl's Secondary School) who are now starting their second year of high school. The vast majority of children in Kenya do not go to high school because there is no government support and most families cannot afford the cost.

In Lencer's application she said that "education is the light of all nations" and she "would like to join a university" so she can become a nurse. She wants to "ensure that there will be no sick people in her community" and "everybody will be treated free of charge". She wants to, "make sure everyone receives clean water" and "to help the needy as well as my poor community".

In Vivian's application she wrote, "education means a lot to me because it will help me achieve my dreams." She wants to join a university after high school and become a lawyer. She then wants "to finance needy children who are willing to go to school, and assist all the physically disabled children in achieving their dreams." She also says, "my family will be happy because they have a learned girls who will be able to help them in their daily life".

In Nicholus' application he says he wants to "acquire knowledge and be a role model in our society so that the community children can follow in my footsteps". He wants to attend high school so he can "join a university" and then, "become a patriotic citizen and a person who is always helping the society and community. He wants to, "involve myself fully in projects like building bridges, making infrastructure and building schools". He also wants to "mobilize and educate my community members on different dangers that may affect their lives like how to prevent HIV/AIDS.

In Vincent's application he says, "Education means success to me as I understand it". He wants to increase his marks in secondary school because, "sometimes (in the past) I am not able to read during the night because of a lack of kerosene". His "goal after secondary school is to become a lawyer" and "make everybody aware of his or her rights". He also wants to "sponsor needy pupils", "build some hospitals", "provide our community with fresh water so they don't get sick", and "make sure farmers know their rights and are not cheated by companies".

The Bernard and Elsie Weiss Dago, Kenya Scholarship Fund thanks the many, many supporters who make all of this possible. We will continue to report on the progress of these children and continue to raise money to support additional children.

If you would like to donate to the Dago, Kenya Scholarship Fund named after Bernard and Elsie Weiss, please go to: Choose to donate on-line and then on the drop down menu choose "Weiss Scholarship Fund". You can donate via credit card or Pay Pal. This will go directly to the scholarship account. If someone wants to donate to the Dago Scholarship Fund by check, you can mail a check to "Village Volunteers" ( 5100 South Dawson Street, Suite 202, Seattle, WA 98118 USA). Write "Weiss Scholarship Fund" on the memo line. If you want to know more about this fund please go to: All donations are tax deductible. Thanks!