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updated: 1/30/2013 10:13 AM

If it Came in a Bottle, Everyone Would Want it

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  • Dr. Meena Malhotra M.D. is with the Heal n Cure Weight Loss and Wellness Center in Northbrook.

    Dr. Meena Malhotra M.D. is with the Heal n Cure Weight Loss and Wellness Center in Northbrook.
    Eric Scott

Eric Scott

They all sound too good to be true; the pills that melt off the pounds, the DVD workouts guaranteed to transform your body or the newly invented diet for trimming inches off your waist. These promises, often delivered via TV infomercials, actually have one thing in common -- they often target a problem instead of treating a person.

For adults and adolescents who have enjoyed impressive weight loss and improved overall health results at Heal n Cure Physicians Weight Loss & Wellness Center in Northbrook, the secret to their success has come from the center's dynamic treatment approach -- focusing on the patient's core wellness.

"I treat many people who have tried all the popular weight loss remedies and have just given up," said Dr. Meena Malhotra, M.D., double board certified internal medicine and obesity treatment specialist at Heal n Cure. "The path to significant weight loss begins with a step towards achieving core wellness. Along the way, patients learn how to boost their energy levels and relieve chronic health problems."

The INSPIRETM Core Wellness Program

It's a unique medically supervised, personalized approach that's proven successful for thousands of Heal n Cure patients who have shed pounds when they thought nothing else would work. The INSPIRETM Core Wellness Program draws a line of sight to an individual's weight loss goals through advanced medicine featuring body composition analysis, diagnostics, nutrition, behavioral therapy, pharmacotherapy and other tools that help evaluate the entire person -- not just zero in on a particular problem. Progress is consistently monitored and treatments are adjusted to maximize a patient's results and quality of life.

"I have had the best results of my life, for years battling with weight related health problems," said Teddie Kossof, owner and operator of Teddie Kossof Salon & Spa in Northfield, IL. "The staff at Heal n Cure is very friendly and willing to listen to your personal health problems. I highly recommend them to my friends and salon clients."

Significant results for patients in the INSPIRETM Core Wellness Program include as much as a 58% drop in excess weight.

In fact, a vast majority of patients improved their body composition with increased percentage of lean mass and reversal of hypertension, inflammation and Type 2 diabetes -- the most common form of diabetes, according to the American Diabetes Association.

Program features include:

• Thorough medical analysis -- addressing the underlying physiology of a patient's entire health makeup.

• A personalized health plan -- An overall wellness strategy incorporating exercise, behavioral and lifestyle changes to help each individual.

• Easy to follow meal planning tools -- Nutritional guidance that also includes self management support.

• Prescribed nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals when indicated -- Customized treatments designed for comfortable, steady weight loss.

"Working with Dr. Malhotra and Heal n Cure on the INSPIRE Core Wellness Program has been for me nothing short of life changing," said patient Barbara Barnett. "After dropping 90 pounds, I know the plan at Heal n Cure is less a diet than a completely different way of looking at eating. I have now eliminated my lifelong craving for sweets and fats, and I was a real frosting-a-holic!"

"We listen to our patients, understand their past frustrations in trying to seek answers and make it clear that we are partners with them on their journey to losing weight and improved overall core wellness," added Dr. Malhotra. "We monitor American Medical Association patient feedback surveys and it's very rewarding to see what our patients have to say about their experiences at Heal n Cure."

Successful Treatment Options & Information

In addition to the proven INSPIRETM Core Wellness Program, Heal n Cure also offers the clinically proven, non-surgical BLISS -- Lipo Laser Body Sculpting Program and advanced LUSTRE -- Genteel Aesthetic Laser Skin Treatments.

Heal n Cure also provides their specialized Corporate Wellness Enhancement Program for corporations interested in helping employees avoid serious health issues and improve their overall quality of life.

For more information about the variety of successful treatment programs offered at Heal n Cure Physicians Weight Loss and Wellness Center, located in Northbrook at 1122 Willow Road, Suite B, please call (847) 686-4444 for a free consultation or log onto to contact the center via email.

About Heal n Cure

Heal n Cure is a medical wellness center specializing in core wellness through physician supervision and management. The center has been awarded Blue Tier ranking by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Illinois for its record of offering quality healthcare and saving healthcare dollars. Heal n Cure has also received Premium designation for exceeding Quality and cost efficiency criteria from United Healthcare.

Its award-winning team of board certified physicians has delivered proven results in managing and reversing all modifiable health risk factors. Heal n Cure is committed to assisting the patients in achieving optimal health and wellness.