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Kane, James|More about James »Deputy City Editor
jkane@dailyherald.com Editorial (847) 427-4469
Keeshan, Charles|More about Charles »Deputy City Editor
ckeeshan@dailyherald.com Editorial (847) 427-4471
Klicki, RichardDirector of Content Development/Daily Herald Business Products
rklicki@dailyherald.com Editorial (847) 427-4507
Klovstad, Susan|More about Susan »Community News Editor
sklovstad@dailyherald.com Editorial (847) 608-2731
Kmitch, Justin|More about Justin »Legal Affairs Writer
jkmitch@dailyherald.com Editorial (630) 955-3537
Knox, Jeff|More about Jeff »Senior Director of Photography
jknox@dailyherald.com Editorial (847) 427-4485
Kopsell, Wes
wkopsell@dailyherald.com Process (847) 427-5530
Korecky, Brenda
bkorecky@dailyherald.com Niche Publishing (847) 427-4902
Kraske, Karyn
kkraske@dailyherald.com Advertising (847) 427-4625
Krishnamurthy, Madhu|More about Madhu »Staff Writer
mkrishnamurthy@dailyherald.com Editorial (847) 427-4489
Kukec, Anna Marie|More about Anna Marie »Business Writer
akukec@dailyherald.com Editorial (847) 427-4544
Kunzer, Patrick|More about Patrick »Night Photo Editor
pkunzer@dailyherald.com Editorial (847) 331-2755
Kuras, Kurt
kkuras@dailyherald.com Niche Publishing (847) 427-4677

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