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    Frank A. Bart

    State must stop diverting school funding to Chicago
    Guest Frank A. Bart: Chicago, the City of Big Shoulders, needs to carry its own weight when it comes to education funding. We need reform.


    The last ballot, or the last vote?

    Columnist Donna Brazile: Sadly, the revolution that Bernie Sanders started seems to have stalled out in favor of rehashing internal party rules, rather than focusing on building a progressive movement once the primary season ends next month.


    Bathroom bigotry, then and now

    Columnist Richard Cohen: Now, this is not the same as the controversy over transgender people. The only thing that the two seem to have in common is bathrooms, and we have learned recently much about the sociology of public restrooms.


    Cancer screenings a victim of budget impasse
    A Waukegan letter to the editor: The latest budget bill sent to Gov. Rauner made it clear — the people of Illinois want to protect lifesaving programs that provide women’s access to breast and cervical cancer screenings. So why are we still waiting on funding?


    Let state deal with right of way
    A Richmond letter to the editor: I’d like to ask the Lake County Board what gives them the right to dictate what should happen with the undeveloped Route 53 right-of-way?


    Wrong to send loving mother to prison
    An Elk Grove Village letter to the editor: I am disgusted and sickened at the sentencing of four years in prison for Bonnie Liltz by County Judge Joel Greenblatt for the “killing” of her daughter Courtney.


    Trump will do what most want done
    A Wayne letter to the editor: It appears that Mr. Trump will be the GOP Nominee for president. Like many, he was not my choice to be the nominee but he is now.


    No right to ask God to bless America?
    A Wood Dale letter to the editor: Let’s see, we have a madman with nukes testing missiles in North Korea, the finally acknowledged genocide against Christians in many parts of the world, terrorism in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and in our country, ISIS and their world-califate agenda, drug cartels shipping their poison across our borders, gang wars killing children, and many other very serious problems with which our government must deal.


    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


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