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Daily Archive : Saturday December 27, 2014




    2014-15 Conference Bowl Records

    Through Dec. 26ConferenceWLPct.Pac-12101.000Conference USA41.800Independents11.500American Athletic11.500Atlantic Coast11.500Big Ten11.500Sun Belt11.500Big 1200.000Southeastern00.000Mountain West24.333Mid-American13.250


Life & Entertainment

    The Original Mother’s at 26 W. Division St. in Chicago hosts the 15th Annual Elvis Fest on what would have been his 80th birthday, Jan. 8.

    On the road: Happy 80th birthday, Elvis!

    Celebrate what would have been Elvis Presley’s 80th birthday with more tribute artists than you can shake a pound of bacon at. What’s the main thing you have to do on New Year’s Day in addition to sleeping in and forgiving yourself for the night before? Laughing about it all at the fifth annual New Year’s Hangover Stand-Up Marathon at ComedySportz Theatre.


    Real estate investment turns sour

    Q. In 2010, two friends and I bought five housing units, signed a mortgage and created a sub chapter S corporation as the borrower. Because our corporation had no assets, the bank requested and we signed personal guarantees.

    A simple gesture initiates a hands-free flush with this Kohler touchless toilet.

    To beat germs, hands-free technology has made inroads

    Hands-free toilets, faucets, soap dispensers, hand dryers and lights are commonplace in commercial buildings and institutions. As the price for the technology has come down and the selection of designs has grown, demand for touchless is growing at home, too.


    Municipality does not have to accept private streets

    Q. The streets in our association are privately owned, and are quite expensive to maintain and plow of snow. Can an association dedicate its private streets to the local municipality?


    A better way to select a mortgage loan originator

    One important reason the home loan market works so poorly is that borrowers have no reliable way to select the loan originator (LO) — the individual who takes the borrower through the loan process. The problem is that LOs have a financial incentive to use the large knowledge gap between themselves and borrowers for their own benefit.



    The Soapbox

    A special edition of the Soapbox has Daily Herald editors reflecting on some of the biggest stories and topics of 2014.


    Sports salary shows priorities are off
    A Bartlett letter to the editor: With the recent passing of my friend, Fred Potter, who was a regular contributor to Your Views, I felt I needed, in his memory, to comment on two stories that were in the Daily Herald in the past couple of weeks. The first concerned the acquisition of Jon Lester by the Cubs. His salary is going to be $155 million over six years.


    Expand term limits to hired employees
    A Mundelein letter to the editor: Recently, Mundelein has reviewed and adopted term limits for its elected officials. For all of the reasons term limits have been adopted for elected officials, would adopting them for hired/salaried staff be appropriate?


    E-cigs good alternative for LGBT Americans
    A letter to the editor: LGBT Americans are not only more susceptible to tobacco harm — they are more than twice as likely as their straight counterparts to take up smoking — gay and lesbian men and women are also less receptive to anti-smoking campaigns. For these hard-to-reach tobacco users, e-cigarette technology offers an alternative form of nicotine consumption that seems to be a promising step-down from combustible tobacco products.


    Laws should apply the same for all
    An Elk Grove Village letter to the editor: I think the system would work better and cost a lot less if we could have laws that cover one nation for all. I think that’s what makes up a great country, but I might be wrong or a racist.


    Citizens need to take a more proactive role
    An Elk Grove Village letter to the editor: In a little less than two years, Americans will elect a new president. After suffering through 16 years of inept leadership, it’s time we get it right. We need someone to come forward with real leadership qualities and solutions to the many problems facing us.


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