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posted: 2/24/2014 5:00 AM

Meacham backups due to stoplight

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I travel through the Meacham Road area several times a day almost every day. The solution of adding a third lane in the middle will do very little to solve the traffic problem that is there. It is very rare to have traffic stopped because someone is turning left. So adding a third lane would solve a problem that doesn't exist except rarely.

The main reason why traffic is so bad on that road is that the light at the Old Plum Grove Road intersection is set to favor Old Plum Grove Road rather than Meacham. There could be 25 cars going north on Meacham but they will all stop if a single car comes down Old Plum Grove Road.

This happens almost every single time I drive there. Most small roads that intersect a larger road have to wait 1-2 minutes before they get a green light.

It doesn't make sense to favor Old Plum Grove Road. This change alone would dramatically improve traffic flow and cost very little. It's so illogical to have it set the way it is that it leads me to believe that a politician lives in that neighborhood, or that they are trying to help school buses for Plum Grove Junior High which is at that intersection.

John Pirog


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