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updated: 1/15/2014 11:42 AM

January is the time to register for Summer Day Camps

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Deerfield Park District

While thoughts about recreation in January at Deerfield Park District tend to focus on ice skating, hockey and indoor sports and classes, it's also the time to register and reserve spots in Summer Day Camps. The Lottery Deadline was Friday, January 10, 2014, at 5:00 p.m., with online registration beginning 7:00 a.m., on Tuesday, January 21, followed by walk-in on the same day at 9:00 a.m. For a complete listing of all Summer Camp options, please visit:, email: or call 847-945-0650.

Deerfield Park District offers three general types of summer camp programs: 1.) Summer Day Camps designed by age range and interest areas; Specialty Camps that are Sport-Specific or for Pre-K and Kindergarten-age children; and After Summer School Camps that immediately follow School District 109's summer program and offer a spectrum of interest areas.

Summer Day Camps, options are available for children age three through Middle School age (age by Sept. 1, 2014). Options are: So Big Camp#424001 for age 3: 7 weeks, 2-, 3- or 4-days per week at Jewett Park Community Center (JPCC); Sun 'N' Fun #424002 for age 4: 7 weeks, 4- or 5-days per week at JPCC (note: a separate "Learn to Swim" class is available 2-days per week for 6 weeks immediately following Sun 'N' Fun); Little Scampers #424003 for Kindergarten age, is offered 5 days per week, with locations at St. Gregory and at Trinity and with 3-, 4-, or 7 week options or 3 days per week for 7 weeks at Trinity.#1 Camp #424004 is for first graders, with 5 days per week options for 3-, 4- or 7-weeks at Wilmot or 3 days per week for 7 weeks at Jewett Park Community Center. Pathfinders #454001 is for second graders, 5 days per week for 3-, 4- or 7 weeks at South Park or 4 days per week option. Trailblazers #454002 is for third graders, 5 days per week for 3-, 4- or 7 weeks at Shepard. Explorers #454003 is for students in grades 4-6, offered 5 days per week with one 3- week session followed by a 4-week session at Shepard.

Art Sampler#454007 for children in grades 3-8 is offered 4 days per week in two, 3-week sessions at JPCC; Stage and Screen #454005 if for those in grades 4-9, 5 days per week for 7 weeks at Caruso; and Counselors-in-Training

(C.I.T.) #454008 is offered for teens 14 and 15 years with 3-week and 4-week options at various locations.

Rookies Sports Camp with Swim Lessons #434001 is for grades 1-2, five days per week with 3-week and 4-week sessions at Wilmot. Girls & Boys Sports Camps, designed by grade (3rd-8th) are offered 5 days per week, with lengths varying between 1-week and 4-weeks. Girls' Sports Camp#434002 is for grades 3-5 at Shepard. Boys' Sports Camps at Deerfield H.S. include: Grade 3, #434003 and Grade 4, #434004; at South Park for Grade 5, #434005; and at Caruso for Grade 6, #434006. At Wilmot/Mitchell Park,Middle School Girls' Sports Camp #434007, for Grades 6-8, is offered as is a Middle School Boys' Sports Camp - #434008 for Grades 7-8.

Extended Camp Care #454009(before and after camps), Transportation, Swim Lessons, Field Trips and other options vary by camp. During August, two, 1-week Extra Added Attraction weeks are offered to Grades K-5.

Specialty Camps: Tiny Treks, for Pre-K and Kindergarten-age children, is offered 3 days per week in May and in June. Other Specialty Camps are Sport-Specific, allowing campers to attend for 1 week or more, with varying hours. Camps for Ages 6-10 at Jewett Park, run by SportsKids Inc., include: Young Sporters #424023; Soccer Skills #434024; Baseball Camp#434022; Lacrosse Skills #434028; Softball Skills #434027; Flag Football #434025; and Field Hockey #434026. Brian Silberman's Baseball Camp #433012 is at Maplewood Park, for those in Grades 1-6.At Sachs Rec. Center, three Basketball Camps are offered: Basketball Skills #434029 for Ages 6-10; Hoops Education #494015 for Grades 1-6 and Dee Brown #433017 for Grades 6-12. Other Camps at Sachs are Youth Volleyball #433014 for those in Grades 4-8, run by On The Go Sports Inc. and the 2014 Chicago Bulls/White Sox Combo Camp #433015 for Ages 5-12. Youth Football #433013 is offered by grades each week (Grades 2-3; 4-6; and 2-6) at Mitchell Park. And Tennis Camps by First Serve Management for Ages 8-13 are also at Mitchell Park. Our Deerfield Golf Club and Learning Center offers 4-day Camps as follows: Girls Golf #485014 for ages 8-14; Half Day Junior Golf #485009 for ages 7-18;and Full Day Junior Golf #485004 for ages 8-18.

And, for 3.) After Summer School, some camps immediately follow School District 109's summer program and offer a spectrum of interest areas. After Summer School Camps are offered in a 3-day, 4-day or weeklong series, and include: Meet the Masters #494003 for Grades K-8 at JPCC; Young Sporters #434023 for Ages 6-10 at Jewett Park; and Whole Foods Culinary Class #494004 for Grades 5-8 at Whole Foods, Deerfield. At Caruso Middle School: camps for Grades 1-3 include: Robotics Adventures #494016; Video Game & Puzzle Design Programming #494016; and Super Sleuth Digital De-Tech-Tives #494016; and for Grades 3-6, include: Website Design #494016; Minecraft --A Networked Adventure #494016; Mobile App Inventors Workshop #494016; and Advanced Level III Programming with Scratch #494016. And, CRE8 Workshop Crafting #494081 is offered for Grades 1-5 at CRE8 in Deerfield.

Note: many of the Specialty Camps listed aboveare designed to serve as "After Summer School Camps," including: Soccer Skills, Baseball Camp; Half Day Junior Golf, Brian Silberman's Baseball Camp, Youth Football, Half-Day Tennis; and Hoops Education Basketball.

There truly are camps for just about every age and interest for the summer of 2014.

Call Deerfield Park District at 847-945-0650; email or visit