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updated: 4/25/2013 8:40 PM

Spellman's Scorecard: Let's just call it Arlington Park

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  • They can officially call it Arlington International Racecourse, but most racing fans still will unofficially know it as Arlington Park.

      They can officially call it Arlington International Racecourse, but most racing fans still will unofficially know it as Arlington Park.
    JOE LEWNARD | Staff Photographer


As I was writing about Arlington and the horsemen agreeing on a two-year contract -- and kudos to both sides for getting it done, btw -- I was reminded that quietly it has become Arlington International Racecourse again, not Arlington Park.

My response to that: Why?

I'm pretty confident that a full one-tenth of one percent of people will go ahead and call it Arlington International.

For the rest of us it's always gonna be Arlington Park.


Voice of reason:

I have no idea what role, if any, he played in the negotiations between Arlington and the horsemen, but just knowing that trainer Chris Block was part of the process was a comforting feeling.

Great move:

Remember that time when half the fans at Arlington failed to grasp that there was an alternate finish line for some races and would be cheering long after the race was over?

Yeah, that wasn't great.

But what is great is that they're finally doing away with the faux finish line, so no more confusion.

Mark your calendars:

Just a month 'til the Crosstown Cup!!

What's that?

Yeah, that's what I thought crickets.

Mired in a little difficulty :

If this season continues down its current path, why do I picture Dale Sveum, after yet another brutal loss, just sitting in a darkened interview room laughing that laugh of his long after all the reporters and cameramen have left?

Poor guy.

Still reason to watch:

Other than the play of Alex Rios and a portion of the Cubs' starting staff, there really aren't many reasons to stick with the broadcasts these days.

Here are two more, though: Farmio and D.J. and Len and J.D.

Wait, would that count as two or four?

Hawks/Cubs postgame question:

Judd or Jordan?

Jordan or Judd?

Always takes me an extra second to figure out just exactly whose voice it is.

I'll hang up and listen for my answer from either or both of you.

Compare and contrast:

The Blackhawks' noncore group from the Cup winning squad vs. this year's team?

Just writing that reminds me how much I miss Andrew Ladd.

Perfect fit:

Wolves and Blues.

Watch Wendell work his magic.

Wait, what?

I'm not a doctor and I don't play one on TV, but am I the only one who did a double take when reading that Robbie Gould, who's recuperating from leg surgery, didn't participate in Bears minicamp yet recently ran in the Shamrock Shuffle?

One thing probably has nothing to do with the other, just thought it was odd.

See ya next year:

Go ahead and put away the chips and dip and dry-erase boards, the first round of the NFL draft is over.

Seriously, put it away.


Usually when I read or hear "Brookfield Zoo today unveiled a new baby " my eyes glaze over.

Not this time, though, simply because of the name of the zoo's baby giraffe: Dave.


Love it.

A lot to like:

Normally, if it came down to choosing between Graeme McDowell and any other golfer, I'd be rooting for McDowell.

But as I watched Sunday's playoff between McDowell and Webb Simpson I realized I didn't have a rooting interest. Both of them are really good guys.

In fact, there seems to be a plethora of good guys on the PGA Tour these days -- from Scott to Cabrera to Stricker to Streelman to .

Trying to choose between guys like that is a nice problem to have, huh?


Lovin' Stricker's latest commercial.

And finally:

Why do I constantly call it the Presidents' Cup and not the Presidents' Trophy?

It's obviously because I'm an idiot.

I'll try to do better.

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