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posted: 8/10/2012 8:50 AM

Spellman's Scorecard: Some things you notice watching Olympics

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  • Golfer John Daly has been making some loud "fashion" statements with his attire each day at the PGA Championships.

    Golfer John Daly has been making some loud "fashion" statements with his attire each day at the PGA Championships.
    Associated Press


Random Olympics thoughts:

•I want my "Parks and Recreation" back.

•Class, thy names are Gabby Douglas and Oscar Pistorius.

•I'm pretty sure the silver medal for most airtime on NBC goes to Michael Phelps' mom.

•What in the name of Al Trautwig is up with all the icy glares from the women gymnasts?

•The Cadillac ATS appears to be a reasonably quiet ride.

•Can NBC possibly foreshadow the winners any more than it does on its edited evening broadcasts?

It's as easy to figure out who's gonna win as it used to be trying to deduce the bad guy on an episode of "Streets of San Francisco" featuring special guest star Chad Everett.

Making a statement:

John Daly, from out of nowhere, fires an opening-round 68 and is just 2 shots off the lead in the PGA Championship.

Making an even louder statement:

Daly's pants.

Here's how it is, so Bear down:

Brian Urlacher is hurt or unavailable for now.

Got it.

Nick Roach will slide over to fill in for No. 54.

OK, that shouldn't be too bad.

And Geno Hayes will take over Roach's old spot.

Wait, what?

Should that be a cause for concern?

Speaking of concern:

Paul Konerko.


Minor or not, it's a concern.

In case you missed it:

The Bulls signed first-round pick Marquis Teague.

Could the announcement have been any more low-key?

Seven-step delay:

Mike Martz has been hired as an analyst for NFL games on FOX, and I'm probably in the minority in thinking he'll do pretty well in that role.

But since he's coming in at the bottom of the FOX depth chart, we better not see him calling a Bears game.

If we do, it's been a lost season.

Just wondering:

When did baseball become the official pie-to-the-face sport?

Am I wrong or is it the only sport where you see it?

Kicking it Arlington style?

Never thought I'd see the day, but on Million Day the folks at Arlington Park are converting the usually fancy-schmancy International Room into a dance club.

That's right, and, according to Arlington, "DJ Summer Altice -- a high-energy DJ who heats up nights at the Playboy Mansion -- will highlight the club atmosphere."

Is someone messing with me on this?

Nah, and good for AP in their attempt to attract a younger crowd.

Forever a Bear:

Alex Brown.

One of my faves.

Wish granted:

This weekend's weather has to be an absolute godsend to Curtis Tyrrell and the folks over at Medinah Country Club, but big kudos to everyone over there anyway because despite a torturous summer and even before Thursday's drenching, the course still looked amazing.


Less than 50 days until the Ryder Cup, but who's counting?

Million fever:

Sets in on Sunday morning with Breakfast at Arlington -- the Million edition.

Ugh, this can't be good:

"There is a meaningful gulf there."

-- Donald Fehr, head of the NHL players association, describing negotiations with the NHL on a new collective-bargaining agreement.

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