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updated: 5/22/2011 8:49 AM

Bartlett Park District needs to get real

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They're kidding, right? The Bartlett Park District is suing the Village for failing to approve their redevelopment plan for Beaver Pond. The BPD is spending our money to sue (read: bully) the village in hope that the village either rescinds their decision or the courts find in their favor so they can gain taxpayer money from the Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources.

The BPD will use even more of our money to match the state amount to forge ahead with their ill-conceived plan. Yes, the BPD's engineers have stated that this is a solid plan. But they're being paid by the BPD, of course they're going to support the plan! Remember, the flooding issues have yet to be resolved. And why is a State that's in financial trouble funding unnecessary projects?

The BPD recently acquired the Villa Olivia property and is allocating large amounts to that project. I think the acquisition of Villa Olivia was a good thing for the community, but we do not have a bottomless well, and this plan is a whole other story. The BPD says "we have the support of the community", but I have never seen any documents that support their claim. I do know a resident submitted a petition to the village with the vast majority in the Beaver Pond subdivision opposing the plan.

Mr. Eckelberry, BPD VP, agreed that the expenditure of taxpayer money on this suit is "unfortunate," but said they have no other recourse. The "other recourse" is stop spending our money needlessly. How do we stop this out of control and out of touch board? The BPD seems to have no clue we're still in a tough economy. Can we just replace the whole board with one that will represent the people?

John Janisch