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updated: 5/15/2011 8:02 PM

Rolling Meadows has seen the last of him

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I am a senior citizen that received a ticket in the mail for not making a complete stop at a red light located on Route 62 for traffic heading west just before the on ramp to

Route 53. The video shows me stopping at the white line, but then proceeding forward to get on the ramp.

Apparently I didn't stop long enough to consider it a complete stop and was fined $100. A yield sign would have been appropriate for this ramp to allow traffic to proceed, but the city found a good spot to make money since most people wouldn't even consider stopping because it doesn't look like it should be considered a right turn. I just want you to know, and all the folks that travel that road where that light is so they don't get fined for the same offense which is to serve no purpose other then to add to Rolling Meadows coffers.

I also want you to know that I was returning home from shopping at Lowe's in Rolling Meadows to my home in Palatine. I certainly had the time to stop and I was in no hurry (I'm retired), but now that Rolling Meadows made their $100 that I consider to be unfair, my family and I will be shopping anywhere but Rolling Meadows which we have shopped for years.

In addition, wherever there is a red light I will be stopping and not making a right turn at all until the light turns green. I'm in no hurry and after all if the law hadn't changed this never would have happened in the first place. Also, I have downloaded (an app) which tells where all the red-light cameras are, and I would suggest everyone that doesn't want to suffer the same unfortunate consequence in these difficult economic times to do the same before the government makes it illegal. Right now, it's perfectly legal and it's free to download it.

Don Lischalk