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    Wheaton College is the latest organization to be roiled by a controversy over charges of excessive hazing.

    Editorial: New hazing charges provide yet another reminder of need for culture of respect
    The latest accusations of hazing, this time at Wheaton College, remind us that all schools, coaches and parents must remain vigilant in getting the message out that the practice is wrong and can have serious repercussions, a Daily Herald editorial says.


    Political systems needs to accommodate human complexity

    Columnist Michael Gerson: As an evangelical sympathetic to gay rights, a Republican critic of Trump and a compassionate conservative, I can relate to Andrew Sullivan’s new essay.


    Apparently, Trump decided it was time to get something done

    Columnist Kathleen Parker: Trump the Republican was always a strain to credulity, but people can make themselves believe just about anything.


    Statesman Dole deserves recognition
    An Arlington Heights letter to the editor: I was delighted to read in the Sept. 6 Daily Herald that former Sen. Bob Dole is being presented with the Congressional Gold Medal.


    Soft-drink skepticism
    An Antioch letter to the editor: I’m not the smartest person in the world, but I do know that I have consumed a soft drink a day for the last 43 years.


    End fees to freeze credit reporting
    I, as every citizen should be, am very concerned about the recent disclosure of the catastrophic security breach at Equifax. Although we do not know where accountability (and lawsuits) will ultimately go, I believe there is one area where the state government should immediately take action.Currently Equifax and the other bureaus charge a $10 fee for freezing and unfreezing credit reporting. With three credit bureaus and a married couple, not even considering children, that is $60 to freeze or unfreeze credit each time.Currently states such as Indiana and Maine apparently do not allow the bureaus to charge anything, based on information on the bureaus’ websites. That should clearly be the case in Illinois, and should be enacted by the state government now, given the situation created by Equifax. Walter GromSleepy Hollow


    More than luck spared Florida from worst
    On Sept. 12, after reading the article about Irma’s arrival in Florida, I felt compelled to make a major correction to its writer’s conclusion.Luck had nothing to do with the fact that it wasn’t as bad as predicted. Make no mistake, it wasn’t luck; it was God. God caused all the changes that occurred as Irma approached Florida. It was His grace, His mercy that spared the U. S. from much more significant damage from this hurricane. Many people were praying, I know I was. My daughter lives down there near Ft. Myers. I was praying and asking everyone I knew to pray. I am very grateful to God for His mercy.It was bad but it could have been so much worse. That it wasn’t had nothing to do with luck. Let’s give credit where credit is due. There is no one else that can slow or change wind direction and speed, no one but God. As Jesus told the wind and waves to be still on the Sea of Galilee 2,000 years ago, He slowed Irma down.I am so very grateful.Patricia BertrandWood Dale

    September 15, 2017

    Today’s Opinion Page editorial cartoon
    Today’s Daily Herald Opinion page editorial cartoon


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