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Chicago White Sox’s Tim Anderson’s questionable decision to steal third in a 5-0 game shows inexperience, but the scuffle that occurred with pitcher Justin Verlander because of it show the young Sox team won’t be pushed around.
Rozner: Young White Sox won't be pushed around
The White Sox might be young and bad, but it doesn't mean they have to take any grief from anyone.
John Olerud suffered a brain hemorrhage and aneurysm when he was 20 years old. Six months later, he began a 17-year major league career.
Rozner: Olerud tale gives hope for Farquhar family
Leonard Floyd is the Chicago Bears’ only proven edge rusher, but he hasn’t proven that he can stay healthy and was limited to walking around on the sidelines during the just-completed minicamp.
NFL draft preview: No bigger need than edge rusher for Bears
Bulls head coach Fred Hoiberg watches his team during a game against the Sacramento Kings in Sacramento, Calif. Despite a worst record this past season than the one before, there are no calls from fans to dump the head coach, who was hired in 2015.
Even with less successful results, criticism of Hoiberg quieted down
Houston Astros catcher Max Stassi tags out Yoan Moncada during the third inning Sunday in Chicago. “You know, right now we know we’re not in a very good place,” Moncada said through an interpreter after the game, which the White Sox lost 7-1. “But there are still plenty of games to play. That keeps us in a positive mood.”
Astros complete 3-game sweep over reeling White Sox
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