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The United States Bill of Rights features a passage in the First Amendment on “the freedom of speech or of the press.”
Editorial: Facts matter in a democracy where people rule
In this editorial, the Daily Herald proclaims that a fundamental premise underlying representative democracy is that the citizenry must be informed.
Chad Lowry of Mount Prospect was crowned as the 2018 Daily Herald Fittest Loser on Tuesday. Lowery lost 22.1 percent of his starting body weight.
Editorial: Taking charge of your life by losing weight
Buffalo Grove firefighters on the scene of a townhouse fire.
Editorial: Line-of-duty pension a misguided gesture
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Continuing school shootings makes me:

Want more gun control and fast. 29.6%
Want less gun control so we can defend ourselves. 15.5%
Want better mental health care in the U.S. 30.0%
Want better warning systems and communication. 13.7%
Feeling hopeless. 11.2%
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