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posted: 10/6/2017 12:01 AM

Don't let them play 'til they show respect

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My thoughts about all the hoopla about the national anthem.

This national anthem thing is a travesty in our nation and is a mockery to, not only America, but to all the men and women who served in the military and even died, allowing these athletes the freedom to make millions of dollars.

They have no respect for our nation. They are privileged to participate in a lucrative industry because other Americans willingly participated in a non-lucrative industry, called "war." Yes, they spent their lives protecting our freedoms.

I would challenge Colin Kaepernick and those who have no problem showing their disrespect for our nation and flag to visit a VA Hospital, stand next to a veteran, who has been maimed, and personally see the ravishes of war. Maybe visit the home of a mother and father whose son or daughter died while fighting for America. Perhaps they would see first hand why they have the privilege to play a professional sport. Maybe they would even apologize for their behavior and thank a veteran.

I would further challenge the owners (employers) of professional teams to expect their employees (players) to do the right thing: proudly stand up and sing our national anthem in appreciation of their right to play. I'm sure this would mean much to all the veterans who have served our great nation. If they refuse to show respect, don't allow them to play until they realize what freedoms they have, thanks to a veteran.

Fred Dryden


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