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posted: 10/2/2017 5:00 AM

Complains Buffalo Grove overzealous in parking enforcement

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Yes, my car was parked overnight on a cul-de-sac.

Simply stated, we had a block party; our street was blocked off; a relative had borrowed my car earlier in the day but couldn't park in sight of my house due to the blocked street. I left the block party after nightfall but could not see my car since it was parked on the far side of my house.

I didn't realize that the car was not in my garage until the next morning.

My car had a ticket on it. Dollars to doughnuts the only car that drove through this area between 2 and 6 a.m. was the police officer who gave me that ticket.

I told the prosecutor I have lived in Buffalo Grove for over 35 years and have parked on the street only when my driveway was being resurfaced, and always called the police station to report it.

I was told, "a violation is a violation."

At that point my only recourse was to ask for mercy. After 15 minutes, the prosecutor looked me in the eye and said: "We will let you off this time, but if I ever see you in here again I will remember your face and you will not get off so easy."

Thank goodness I didn't commit a moving violation or I could be writing this letter from our state prison.

I called the village to register my complaint, and an apology was extended over the phone.

Given the current state of world affairs it is no wonder our world seems to being going mad. If we can all simply keep in mind that "a violation is a violation" and that our "faces will be remembered" we can all calm down and watch the restoration of world order!

Marty Kander

Buffalo Grove

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