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posted: 9/11/2017 12:01 AM

Bogus idea that America is land of racists

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Columnist Paul Newberry says we need Kaepernick today more than ever. Really?

We need an NFL player to flip off the American Flag and insult every American who ever served in the Armed Forces and every patriot who had a family member pay athe ultimate price?

Kaepernick says his protest is against the police of America; they are racists and oppress blacks. He should do his protesting in front of the San Francisco Police Headquarters. Then, he would get plenty of notice without insulting a large portion of the population. He says that's not his intention, but that is the result of his actions.

Newberry says NFL owners are blackballing Kaepernick. Wrong again. The owners are businessmen and Kaepernick is bad for business.

Enlightened elitists like Newberry just don't get it. LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Brandon McCarthy and other athletes and celebrities who continue to trash our country get a lot of publicity. I'm sick of them all.

Spike Lee and The Talking Heads at ESPN want to glorify and honor Kaepernick as a a hero. To me he's an ignorant zero. I am a 64-year-old white, USMC veteran, father of a cop, deplorable blue collar guy though.

And you know what? There's a lot of guys like me and we ain't racists, bigots or self-absorbed egomaniacs and we vote.

The NFL is losing fans and taking a hit in the ratings. They don't have the guts to tell their employees to be political activists on their own time. You and I couldn't protest on company time, why should they?

Paul Newberry needs to listen. False narratives that America is a land of racists is bogus.

Terry Paulish


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