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posted: 5/18/2017 1:00 AM

No longer on sidelines

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As someone who knocked on doors as far back as Bobby Kennedy's campaign, I'll admit I was shell-shocked when Donald Trump won the presidency. I would never have believed that our country would elect someone so vulgar, so narcissistic, so intellectually and emotionally challenged as he. But I decided, if that's what America wants, I'll just retire to the sidelines and watch the parade of absurdity pass by.

I thought possibly Congress would corral and control the president to the point that he couldn't do much damage. But, as I did in the general election, I underestimated the spinelessness of the Republican majority. As I watched our representatives from the 6th, 14th and 16th districts rubber stamp the razor-thin passage of Trumpcare, with no debate, but with assurances that the wealthiest would receive huge tax breaks while millions would lose their coverage, and probably lose protections for pre-existing conditions, I cringed.

When they let Trump fire the director of the FBI, with nary a word of dissent on their part, I decided that I will actively campaign against Roskam, Hultgren, and Kinzman in their districts. And I will appeal to my congressman to go into their districts and hold town meetings, since they are afraid to do it themselves.

As I watch Angela Merkel become the leader of the free world, Vladimir Putin laughing at us behind his back, and former allies trying to figure out the chaos of the Trump regime, I figure it's time to get back in the game.

Tom Dillivan


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