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updated: 5/15/2017 11:29 AM

Left needs to get with the program

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Wake up and smell the coffee! Donald Trump is our president.

I have never in my whole political lifetime witnessed such a divide in this country. The hate showed to our president is disgraceful. I did not vote for President Obama, but I did not go into the streets screaming and crying and destroying property.

The left -- which includes the comedians, actors, college professors and columnists like Connie Schultz -- are still beating the drum. She writes a column on April 21 calling President Trump a sexual predator. She also mentions Bill O'Reilly but somehow does not mention President Clinton who violated his office with Monica Lewinsky.

She mentions that after the election, "My country just told me that what happened to me doesn't matter." It's not the country that is to blame. The Clintons were also powerful and President Clinton got away with it. Now, is he a good example for our youth? Check what is going on our college campuses as far as date rape, kids getting stoned at concerts and also some of our illegals. That is what we need to address. President Trump is trying to drain the swamp. You are continuing to swim in it.

Hillary is still bemoaning the fact that she won the popular vote and should be our president. I quote Hillary "What difference does it make?"

Vera Gojewycz

Hoffman Estates

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