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posted: 3/18/2017 1:00 AM

Town hall 'protests' beneath our dignity

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The phony, dysfunctional "protests" that are sweeping the nation are getting old. In Chicago, healthcare is unaffordable, public schools are failing, violent crime has skyrocketed, and the business climate is hostile.

New solutions to combat our problems are not only welcome, they're vitally essential. (For the record, more "revenue" is not a solution. How the money is spent is what matters.)

What agitators are doing at Republican town hall events across the country is not adding to this dialogue though. My congressman, Peter Roskam, has always been accessible and approachable, and to suggest otherwise is simply not true. Looks like he's sensible enough not to put his head into a wood chipper though, and I understand him and other legislators who won't submit themselves to be a photo op for hostile groups who appear disinterested in advancing an honest discourse.

The rash of obnoxious and rude behavior in our streets and at our town hall meetings is beneath our nation's dignity. These protests don't accomplish a single goal other than to throw a collective, organized temper tantrum.

The very real problems we face will only get resolved when quality solutions are implemented. Period. The choice is up to you. Do you want to spend your time painting posters and pitching a fit or will you offer to engage with our representatives (in all levels of public office) in constructive ways to solve our shared problems?

Mary Plunkett


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