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posted: 3/17/2017 12:01 AM

Trying to discredit Trump no matter what

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Dr. Jazayerli's family story is very touching and not unlike numerous other American family stories including my own. However, it is troubling that his story and his letter to his patients are used to criticize the administration as if the problems created by the executive order were intentionally planned.

Dr. Jazayerli seems to ignore the fact that the Executive Order was issued to protect all of the citizens of our country from terrorists from countries that the previous administration had identified as unvettable and hot beds for terrorists groups. I wonder how many of the president's critics would have done a turn around and criticized him for not protecting the country if there had been none and a terrorist had succeeded in accomplishing his deadly task?

It appears that the open border advocates, the pro-immigrant groups, the anti-Trump groups and most of the media are determined to undermine the president no matter what he does. The Democrats have continued to delay and disrupt the president from getting his government organized so that he can properly govern.

One thing is clear, however, and that is that this president will keep is promise to protect the American people no matter how many roadblocks and glitches may be thrown in his path by disrupters in and out of the government.

Guy Prisco


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