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posted: 1/7/2017 1:00 AM

Media needs better self-examination

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I read your recent editorial where you took umbrage on the attacks against the news media for either being biased or not doing enough to report on certain stories. You were defensive but should not have been for the mainstream media is biased.

The major networks, national newspapers and cable channels are guilty of promoting the political views of those in power (or wish to be in power). They no longer play the role of the "watchdog" for they have ceded their independence and journalistic objectivity in return for privileged access and profits. CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times and The Washington Post are fawning sycophants of Democrats. Fox News is the loyal town crier for President-elect Trump.

Biases in print and electronic media are in full display. Discerning readers need only observe the wording of headlines, inclusion of opinions in news stories and slanted themes of editorials. TV viewers need only observe the near pep rally atmosphere for specific candidates and causes.

The biased advocacy of the media contributes mightily to the polarization of society today. Progressives find a "safe zone" by reading The New York Times and The Washington Post and watching MSNBC and CNN. Conservatives find refuge in The Wall Street Journal, Fox News and talk radio. Polarization is the result.

If people lose trust in these polarizing milieus, they seek out alternative sources of news or just tune out. An increasing number of Americans are doing so.

The mainstream media needs to look inward before pointing fingers outward. They are indeed biased and are a major contributor to the polarization in America today. They profit from being biased for it allows them to attract a larger share-of-mind from your target audience and earn more revenue.

Mark Paulson

Buffalo Grove

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