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posted: 9/3/2014 5:01 AM

No solutions offered, only complaints

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In a recent speech at the Illinois State Fair to more than 1,000 Democrats, Rep. Tammy Duckworth compared companies that are moving their headquarters to other countries to soldiers who abandon their posts, calling them deserters.

I am wondering if she would apply that same label to the past Congresses and presidents who enacted and signed the laws that make this possible. I wonder if she would apply that same label to Barack Obama who has had six years to correct the problem, but has done nothing.

And where is her solution to the problem that is caused by the U.S. tax rate for corporations being higher than every country in the world? Or is this like her failure to condemn the Obama Veterans Affairs Department for their abysmal treatment of some veterans? Or her failure to criticize the Obama administration for locking World War II veterans out of the national monuments including the one honoring their service?

How about it, Congresswoman? Selective outrage? Easier to complain than to offer solutions?

Rich Schwanbeck

Elk Grove Village

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