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posted: 8/23/2014 5:01 AM

Choir director needs to consider others

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In Greek there are three words that express degree of love: eros, or physical love (I love cupcakes/my girlfriend.); philia, or brotherly love (My friend has an illness; I will put his needs before mine.) and agape, the purest form (sacrificing one's self for the good of another, love shown by those who would risk even death for us -- our military, our God himself).

At the town hall meeting at Holy Family Catholic Church, Colin Collette -- the former director of worship who was relieved of his position because of his intent to marry his partner which violated not only church employment/policy but more importantly the church's sacrament of marriage -- said "I love Holy Family more than I love myself."

If he truly had a deep love of Holy Family that went beyond basking in the personal gratification of being applauded for his music and his creativity in adorning the worship space, like Jesus, he would have encouraged reconciliation not sought exploitation.

Colin is a highly educated, intelligent man well-versed in doctrine and liturgy, who knows that in this age of instant gratification and entitlement the faith of some people is so tenuous that they will leave a church because things aren't going the way they want them to go. If he truly loved Holy Family more than himself, would he not have sacrificed his desires to protect their fragile faith? Would he not have considered all the other members of the parish who would be affected by his actions?

How wonderful it would have been to see him model philia or agape, so that even though he was deeply hurting, he encouraged the community to come together to worship God and bring their concerns to him who can change all things.

Stephanie Heavey


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